About Strategic Solutions Consulting, Incorporated

Strategic Solutions Consulting, Incorporated (SSC) was founded in 2005 in response to requests from Mr. Everett’s business contacts and his graduate students. In 2006, the company expanded, adding a partner in Ms. Holly Edwards, a former student of Mr. Everett’s, who brings strategic planning experience, a strong Information Systems background and familiarity with social networking tools and their use in marketing. In 2013, Ms. Margaret Tier Everett (Marge) joined SSC, bringing with her thirty-five years of financial services experience and expertise in risk management for banks, financial institutions, legal and real estate firms. In addition, Ms. Everett works directly with executives and managers as a Professional Coach, certified by Accomplishment Coaching, a nationally recognized leader in this growing field.

The company focuses on business plans for start-up organizations and strategic management for established companies and associations. Under the purview of strategic management, SSC has the skills to develop strategic, marketing, business, operations, and information systems plans. SSC also has significant experience in market research and project management. In the areas of leadership and personal coaching, the company offers management seminars and one-on-one guidance sessions.

What sets the company apart from most in the field is the commitment of its partners to individual client care. This extends to going beyond the planning phase, assisting clients in the execution of those plans and coaching them personally. This commitment results in the creation of pragmatic solutions to the issues SSC's clients face every day.