Our Vision

Strategic Solutions Consulting, Inc. is the mid-Atlantic Region's premier provider of practical solutions for today's business and management problems.

Our Mission

Strategic Solutions Consulting, Inc. believes in organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, that set their own course. To that end, we offer a full range of practical, affordable planning services, designed to establish direction for the long term and provide answers to every day problems. We work closely with clients to create plans that are feasible and plans that stimulate financial growth. We serve the mid-Atlantic Region by offering a balance among leading edge strategic thought, proven planning and implementation methods and sound fiscal management.

SSC also believes in individuals who set their own course. We offer rising executives and promising managers tailored leadership seminars; then, we follow-up by providing one-on-one guidance. Our executive coaches assist individual clients in setting goals, applying leadership principle and dealing with the issues that arise in career, management and personal lives. In short, SSC doesn't just create successful organizations; it creates successful people, as well.

Please see the Services tab for the full range of organizational and personal services we provide.