Risk Management

SSC offers risk management services to banks, financial institutions, legal and real estate firms. These services include commercial and real estate loan reviews, credit underwriting and analysis, loan work-outs and restructuring, foreclosure management, portfolio management and expert witness. Engagements include assistance with an entire portfolio or a targeted client base. The scope of work can include:

  • Borrower / Guarantor / Industry Analysis – background, nature of business, competitive position, experience.
  • Cash Flow Analysis – revenue trends, profitability trends, transaction debt service coverage, global debt service coverage.
  • Balance Sheet Analysis – liquidity, leverage, asset turnover, contingent liabilities.
  • Collateral Analysis – quality, location, marketability, rent rolls, leases, construction budgets, sources and uses of funds, collateral valuation, loan-to-value, current value estimates, independent review of appraisals.
  • Loan Structure and Source of Repayment Analysis – amortizations, maturities, primary and secondary sources of repayment.
  • Quality and Appropriateness of Documents – accuracy of documents versus loan approvals and appraisals.
  • Loan Work-Outs and Restructuring – identification of repayment alternatives, negotiation, and legal documentation management.
  • Foreclosure Management – liaison with and coordinate all third-party professionals including lawyers, appraisers, environmental consultants, contractors, real estate brokers and property managers.